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Selected Academic Publications


Journal Articles

Declining industries in emerging economies and firm strategy. Critical Perspectives on International Business, doi: 10.1108/cpoib-01-2021-0015.


International spatial distribution of multinational corporations. SAM Advanced Management Journal, 87(1). (with Mike Peng and Craig Macaulay) 

The role of vaccines in COVID-19 control strategies in Singapore and China. Health Policy and Technology, 11(2). (with Jintao Zhang, Hao Yang and Mengying Yang)



Journal Articles

The New Liability of Origin in Global Decoupling. Management and Organization Review, 17(3), 624-629. doi:10.1017/mor.2021.40 (With Yang M.) available here

More Creative Than Destructive? Synthesizing Schumpeterian and Developmental State Perspectives to Explain Mixed Results in Korea s Clean Energy Shift, Journal of Environment & Development,, (with Thurbon E, Kim S-Y, Mathews JA), available here

A Transition Perspective for Business School Research and Education in China. Management and Organization Review, 1-20, DOI:10.1017/mor.2020.77, available here

Overcoming incumbent resistance to the clean energy shift: How local governments act as change agents in coal power station closures in China, Energy Policy, 149 (with Thurbon E, Kim S-Y, Mathews JA), available here



Book Section/s 

Transitions of coal-fired power plants in china: A case study in the Greater Bay area. In Fu, J. & Ng, A. W. (eds), Sustainable Energy and Green Finance for a Low-carbon Economy. Switzerland: Springer. 97-110. (with J-Y Fu) available here

Journal Article/s

National cultural distance, organizational culture, and adaptation of management innovations in foreign subsidiaries: A fuzzy set analysis of TQM implementation in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Business Research, 109, 184-199. (with Chen and Alofan)


Journal Article/s

A Global Industrial Rebalance: China, the U.S. and Energy-intensive Manufacturing. The Asia Pacific Journal, 16(10), available here

(This article has been republished by the Centre for Research on Globalisation, available at here)

Moving to a Circular Economy in China: Transforming industrial parks to eco-industrial parks. California Management Review, 60(3): 157-181. (with Mathews and Hu)


Book Section/s 

Toward low carbon cities: The Chinese experience', In Creating Low Carbon Cities, Springer, Switzerland 89-98. Available here (with Mathews and Hu)

Journal Article/s

The Art of the Steel Deal, Foreign Affairs. available here

Making impact through industry-focused research: An Asia Pacific perspective, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 34(3), 487-503. (ABDC A) available here

China's new silk road: Will it contribute to export of the black fossil-fuelled economy?, The Asia Pacific Journal, 15, 1-13. (ERA B) available here (with Mathews)


Global Offshoring Portfolio Diversity and Performance Implications', International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 47,1-38. (ABDC A) available here (with Lin and Chen)


China's continuing green shift in the electric power sector: Evidence from 2016 data', The Asia Pacific Journal,15,1-14, available here  (with Mathews)



Journal Article/s

Circular economy: Lessons from China. Nature, 531(7595), 440-442. available here (with Mathews)

(The article has been reported by Xinhua News Agency, and the news has been republished in the official website of the Central Government of China at here.)

The Determinants of Photovoltaic System Costs: An Evaluation Using a Hierarchical Learning Curve Model. Journal of Cleaner Production, 112(2), 1909-1716. (ERA A; IF: 5.715) (as the corresponding author) available here (With Trappey, A., Trappey, C., Liu, Li, & Lin)




China’s Renewable Energy Revolution. In Building a Sustainable Political Economy – SPERI Research & Policy Series. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. available here (with Mathews)

Book Section/s 

Cyclical Industrial Dynamics. In J. D. Wright (eds), The International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition. Elsevier. 651-654.

Journal Article/s

Accelerated internationalization and resource leverage strategizing: The case of Chinese wind turbine manufacturers. Journal of World Business, 50(3), 417-427. (ERA & ABDC A; IF: 3.758). available here. (with Mathews)

Zhu Xi's Neo-Confucian School: An organizational studies reading, Asian Business & Management 14(3): 227-246. (ERA B; IF: 1.133). (with Mathews) available here

The Revision of China’s Energy and Coal Consumption Data: A preliminary analysis, The Asia-Pacific Journal, 13(46). (ERA B) (with Mathews) available here

A 'great reversal' in China? Coal continues to decline with enforcement of environmental laws', The Asia-Pacific Journal, 13(34). (with Mathews) (ERA B)


The greening of China's black electric power system? Insights from 2014 Data. Asia Pacific Journal, 13(10). (ERA B) (with Mathews) available here


Book Section/s


Services offshoring; location choice and sub-national regional advantages in China. In Agarwal, R, Selen, W, Roos, G., & Green, R. (eds), The Handbook of Service Innovation, Springer-Verlag UK. 621-640 . (with Chen)

Entrepreneurial strategies in Asian latecomer firms: Linkage, leverage and learning. In F.-L. T. Yu & H.-D. Yan (Eds.), Handbook of East Asian Entrepreneurship. Routledge. 30-44. (with Mathews)

Journal Article/s


Manufacture renewables to build energy security. Nature, 513:166-168. (ERA A*; IF: 40.137) (this article has been reported by BBC, ABC, Spiegel etc.) (with Mathews) available here

Management Practices of Australian manufacturing firms: Why are some firms more innovative? International Journal of Production Research. 52(21): 6496-6517. (Authors appear in the alphabetical order). (ERA & ABDC A; IF: 2.325) available here (with Agarwal, R., Brown, P., Green, R., Randhawa, K)

A 10 trillion watt ‘Big Push’ to decarbonize the world’s electric power. Journal of Sustainable Energy Engineering. 14(2): 87-100. (with Mathews)

China's energy industrial revolution, Carbon Management, 5: 1-3. (IF: 2.092) available here(with Mathews)


China’s renewable energy revolution: what is driving it? The Asia-Pacific Journal, 12(44): 1-4. (ERA B) (with Mathews)

China's continuing renewable energy revolution: Global Implications. The Asia-Pacific Journal, 12(12). (ERA Rank B) (with Mathews)

Conference Paper/s

Complexity of Global Sourcing Portfolio and Implications for Firms’ Innovation Performance. Paper presented at the Strategic Management Society Sydney Special Conference, Sydney, December 6-9. (with Lin & Chen)


Journal Article/s

CO2 embodiment in China-Australia trade: the drivers and implications. Energy Policy. 61: 1212-1220. (ABDC A; IF: 4.140) available here(with Sun & Lau)

 The transformation of the electric power sector in China. Energy Policy. 52: 170-180. (ABDC A; IF: 4.140) available here(with Mathews)

Determinants of quality management practices: An empirical study of New Zealand manufacturing firms. International Journal of Production Economics. 142: 130-145. (ABDC A*; IF: 3.493) available here(with Agarwal, Green, Brown & Randhawa)



Book Section/s

Turpin, T., Tan, H., Toner P., & Garrett-Jone S., 2012. Investigating the lateral migration of technology in a resource based economy: conceptual and methodological issues from a study of the Australian mining sector. In D. B. Audretsch, E. E. Lehmann, A. N. Link, & A. Starnecker (eds), Technology Transfer in a Global Economy, in International Handbook Series on Entrepreneurship. New York: Springer. 335-352.

Journal Article/s

Region effects in the internationalization–performance relationship in Chinese firms. Journal of World Business, 47(1): 73-80. (ERA & ABDC A; IF: 3.758) available here(with Chen)

China's industrial energy revolution (Part 2). The Asia-Pacific Journal, 11(1). (ERA Rank B) (with Mathews)

China's industrial energy revolution: Renewable targets just became even more demanding (Part 1). The Asia-Pacific Journal, 10(52). (ERA Rank B) (with Mathews)

Conference Paper/s

Technological substitution in the electricity sector. Paper presented at the 21st International Conference on Management of Technology (IAMOT) Conference, Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 18-22. (with Mathews)



Journal Article/s

Cyclical industrial dynamics in the global IT sector: origins and sequencing. Industrial and Corporate Change, 20(1): 175-200. (ERA & ABDC A; IF: 1.777) available here

A conceptual lignocellulosic 'feed+ fuel' biorefinery and its application to the linked biofuel and cattle raising industries in Brazil. Energy Policy, 39(9): 4932-38. (ABDC A; IF: 4.140) available here(with Mathews, Moore & Bell)


China's move to a Circular Economy as a development strategy. Asian Business & Management, 10(4): 463-84. (ERA B; IF: 1.133) available here (with Mathews & Tang)

Progress Toward a Circular Economy in China. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 15(3): 435-57. (ERA B; IF: 4.123) available here(with Mathews)


Journal Article/s


Cyclical industrial dynamics: the case of the global semiconductor industry. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 77(2): 344-53. (ERA & ABDC A; IF: 2.625) (with Mathews)

Identification and analysis of industry cycles. Journal of Business Research, 63(5): 454-62. (ERA & ABDC A; IF: 3.354) (with Mathews)

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